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    Ian Green

    "this folder contains over 1.5 million files so this delete operation could take hours."

    I cannot remember how long since I started the deletion, but it looks like taking maybe 20 hours to delete on an i7 late-2013 iMac with 8GB RAM and internal HDD (not SSD).

    I had had the sync operation going for some days (the computer just reached me after a few months in another country) and had gone from 74% to 82% in a couple of days. I shutdown Daedalus and restarted the computer, hoping it would speed up the sync, before I read about all these issues. I had previously upgraded the data on a different computer with an external SSD, without problem, as the blockchain had not been so out of date, but the SSD had got corrupted, so the computer with the old blockchain was my backup.

    Now I have to try a sync from zero. It couldn't take longer than that, ... could it? ;?)

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    Ian Green

    Still emptying the Trash...
    over 24 hours, 2,381,702 items deleted (so far)!

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    Ian Green

    My suggestion for the case where someone is starting up the current version of Daedalus with a months (or conceivably years) old blockchain is to have Daedalus start making epoch files from the most recent ones (at some block number multiple until fully synced, then to start consolidating earlier files into epochs after that, as CPU and other resources allow.

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    This is a good suggestion @Ian Green Thanks I have added a Feature Request for it.

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    Can I suggest changing the message to delete Wallet-1.0-acid to either include taking a backup or renaming the folder instead? I understand the explaination has been provided very well, but some users tend to skip the details and go to point by point instructions, which means they delete Wallet-1.0-acid folder without testing their seed.
    Untill the import from Secret key is available on mainnet, this would mean they have lost access to funds (unless they ask right mediums). If we had a backup available, it would be quite easy to help them restore without going to backdoor stuff :)

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    Armando Soto

    In Windows, the deletion process is faster if you open an MS DOS terminal. With "cd" command position youself at "C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus'\DB-1.0" folder.

    BE SURE TO BE THERE, and type:

    del /s/q *.*

    This wil delete all the files inside  "DB-1.0" folder and inside all its subfolders without asking confirmation. The whole process of deletion tooks me half an hour. You will be left only with empty subfolders that can  easily be removed within Windows with some clics of the mouse.


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