'Cannot Connect to Network' message




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    The Doctornaut

    How about some academic research on the importance of a working wallet? Your competitors don't have this issue. Do you realize how sketchy this is?

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    I have a Mac OS, reinstalled my wallet but the problem didn't go off. :-(

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    Can never work since 2017!

    Been updating to so many new releases for OSX, but problem persist - cannot connect.

    Emailed the log, but not sure will ever get a reply.

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    Ray Delaney

    I found that if my primary DNS setting was pointing to my local DNS, which at the time was down, it would just continue trying to "connect to network"

    (Internet worked fine, just not Daedalus)

    My secondary DNS setting was Google's public DNS (

    When I changed my primary DNS (Windows 10, Network Settings, IP4) back to something public, like googles then it would connect just fine.

    Also probably worth doing an IPConfig /FlushDNS if you make a change.

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    Ray Delaney, Thanks for sharing, I have passed this on to our product team in case we can use it for product enhancement. 

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