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    Ian Green

    Maybe this idea will help. Is it possible to design a wallet that can sync the blockchain *from the latest block* and go backwards, while including any new blocks generated since beginning the process?

    This way, the most relevant UTXOs (or whatever we call them in Cardano) may become available sooner. Imagine we are 20 (or 200) years in the future. People cannot wait to load the entire blockchain before the wallet decides if an input is spendable. The balance then may continue to increase as the wallet finds unspent coins, and as it finds them, already knowing all later blocks it knows if they have not already been spent. Someone who only has used Cardano for one month or one day has their total history loaded into the wallet _much_ quicker in this case.

    I had to ask if this is possible, because I have never heard of any other wallet or blockchain synchronising in reverse.

    If this is impossible, I wonder if a blockchain can be designed that can include only the most recent year of data, with a (verified) snapshot of balances being used to complete the ledger, much the same way that accounting ledgers worked before computerisation. All other years would be optionally loaded if details of earlier transactions are required.

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