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Daedalus Wallet upgrade - Known Issue




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    Hey my restoration is 3 weeks 17 hours and 9 minutes. Have it running for over an hour now and still the same, even the minutes..I'm on w10 with disabled realtime protection and already tried reinstalling but no luck..

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    Tried it all, still getting a "node crashed" notification.

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    Faced with the same problem, what to do ???

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    Another update, another sycning blocks issue...sigh. Bring on Ledger support so I can forget how frustrating Daedalus is.

    Sending report and logs now.

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    This is what I did:
    1: Go to yoroi it's a chrome extension.
    2: Import your funds from the deadalus wallet to yoroi with the same 12 words you got when creating your wallet(s) on deadalus.
    3. Uninstall deadalus (this will not delete the blockchain database).
    4. Restart computer (just to make sure)
    5. Download new Deadalus version from official website and install ;)
    6. Start sync process or whatever (took me an hour or so)
    7. Create a new wallet on your deadalus with 12 new words
    8. Send back funds from yoroi to your NEW wallet you made
    9. You are safed :)

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