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    Bruno Paolo

    Hi everyone, some Network connection and Sync issue are solved with last update. I've solved after download and installation of last version released 14 February - Daedalus Incentivized  2.1.0

    Some steps and notes that could help you during Daedalus upgrade and to solve some issue:

    1) Simply download and install new version 2.1.0

    2) New Daedalus needs more time for connecting but less time for sync (my experience), in case be patient, try to close ore restart node, be patient, be patient!

    3) After connection and sync ended successfully I had a issue with my wallet, the frontend interface was similar a new installation, without wallets. Trying to restore my 15 key rewards wallet I got error "the wallet you trying to restore already exist", so maybe it was exist in backend directory but wasn't reflecting in frontend. The issue is similiar to the know issue "rewards wallet balance is zero", Follow these steps:

    - Delete the content of Daedalus Stake Directory:

    - Reinstall Daedalus 2.1.0

    - Be patient and wait for connection and sync :) be patient!

    - Now you can restore you 15 Key rewards wallet :)

    All is done, it should work :)



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