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    Mark Evans

    I was recently experiencing a similar issue. My wallet hung at 99.45%... for a couple days (including many restarts).  I read this suggestion, then thought: "before I do that... why don't I just download a new wallet app and install it [essentially updating my wallet UI]."  That fixed it.  30 seconds flat.

    I should add.  This proverbial on/off switch for wallets (deleting the blockchain) always works because you're forced to start from scratch (and likely some other factors I'm unaware of).  But as wallets get more complex, a lot of these gremlins that resemble a blockchain error may just be an issue resolved by refreshing/updating the UI. 

    As a first line defense, I'd highly suggest reinstalling the wallet app on top of the existing wallet app.  On Mac (at least, Windows unconfirmed), it keeps the blockchain data and updates the application.  It's harmless and non-destructive, particularly important for less tech savvy.  If that doesn't work... the ol' on/off switch.



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    Downloaded a new wallet app and installed it. That doesn't fix it in my case. [cry]

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    Hi gitstum Please submit a support request so we can help

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    I solved this problem by:

    1. uninstall the wallet.

    2. delete all the files here: /Users/**(user name here)**/Library/Application Support/Daedalus

    3. reinstall the wallet.

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